Technology Stream

There may still be additional changes made as we finalize the speakers for the Summit. Check back to this page regularly.

paul card, ph.d

Director, Research and Development, Seccuris, Inc.
T1 (Tues, Apr 24, 10:05 AM)
Presentation: Advancing Private Sector Innovation – Real World Experiences 
Paul is Director, Research and Development for Seccuris Inc. a leader in information assurance integration services and solutions. He has more than ten years of experience working with local and international companies to advance technology, research, and development strategies. Paul has worked with over 20 different ICT companies, bringing Western Canadian University and College research skills to bear on industry problems and providing economic development to all of Canada.Paul holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as a B.Sc. in Computer Science, from the University of Manitoba. He is an adjunct professor of the University of Manitoba, and a member of the IEEE and the ACM.


Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) – Saskatoon, SK
T2 (Tues, Apr 24, 10:55 AM)
Presentation: Kind of a big deal – Why IT professionalism is critical for IT service providers and consumers
With more than ten years experience in the IT industry, Derek has worked as a consultant, developer, manager, teacher, and analyst. Becoming involved with CIPS in 2008, and currently serving as director on the provincial board, Derek is actively engaged in the ongoing development of IT professionalism.

Lakkavally Chandramohan, NRC

Industrial Research Assistance Program, National Research Council of Canada – Regina, SK
T3 (Tues, Apr 24, 11:30 AM)
Presentation: Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) to Enhance Productivity
Lakkavally has spent more than 40 years in the information technology field serving organizations such as ADT Security Systems, Litton Systems, SaskTel, Saskatchewan Research Council and National Research Council Canada in various capacities. Joined Industrial Research Assistance program in 1997 as an Industrial Technology Advisor and assisted many small to medium sized companies in Saskatchewan in growing their business by developing new products and services. He is one of the 9 Industrial Technology Advisors located in this province trying to assist small to medium sized companies interested in gaining competitive advantage through productivity enhancements under this program.

DR. Hasnain rizvi

Sr. Project Manager, Application Innovation ISM Canada – IBM Global Technology Services – Regina, SK
T4 (Tues, Apr 24, 1:30 PM)
Presentation: Leveraging Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to Foster Collaboration 
Dr. Hasnain Rizvi manages complex programs and projects for ISM Canada clients. Hasnain’s diverse experiences include having managed project portfolios for a Canadian Crown Corporation, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Amdocs where he led a $1.1 billion Business Transformation Program. He also spent a decade in California leading projects for Fortune 500 companies. Hasnain is a graduate of Caltech’s Project Management Program. His research interests are information management and intellectual property.

Naveen singh

Senior Architect, Information Systems Division, SaskTel – Regina, SK
T5 (Tues, Apr 24, 2:10 PM)
Presentation: Is using your personal device for work a benefit or a detriment to your company?
Naveen Singh is a Senior Architect in the Information Systems Division for SaskTel. He is a member of the Strategy and Planning team and is accountable for setting the strategic direction for SaskTel’s IT Infrastructure. Naveen has spent more than 10 years in the Technology Industry and has worked in a variety of different roles from Support Engineer, Network Operations Manager to Strategic Planner.

panel discussion

Ryan LejbakCEO, Zu – Saskatoon, SK
T6 (Tues, Apr 24, 2:45 PM)
Ryan can’t separate personal from professional. And that’s a good thing because it means his personal passion for interactive communications has become a part of zu’s professional DNA, fostering a team that embraces the new, redefines the old and challenges the status quo. Ryan has been intricately involved in projects for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Government of Saskatchewan, MacKenzie Art Gallery and more.
Jason Toews
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, GB Internet Solutions – Regina, SK
Jason Toews is CEO and co-founder of Regina-based GB Internet Solutions, developing the rapidly growing GasBuddy and OpenStore® brands. In 2000, Toews co-founded GasBuddy to help consumers save money on one of life’s more irksome costs – gas. Selected by Time Magazine as one of the Best Mobile Apps of 2012, GasBuddy now has over 16 million app downloads across iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone in addition to its 240+ local websites. In 2009, Toews continued his success by launching award-winning OpenStore®, a mobile, web, and social media marketing platform to help retailers connect with their customers in the constantly evolving world of technology.
Krystal Kolodziejak
Director, Product Innovation, SaskTel – Regina, SK
Krystal Kolodziejak (@krybal) Is passionate about mobile technologies, the problems it can solve and fantastic user interfaces. She is a Director of Product Innovation at SaskTel and also leads the IDnoodle department that creates web and mobile applications within SaskTel. As an active member of the interactive and ICT communities, Krystal sits on the Boards for SATA, SIMA and is a founding committee member of MoSo, Canada’s mobile and social media event. While knowing enough about technology to carry on a conversation about APIs, Krystal’s background is on the business side of apps…unless you can count showing friends and family how to use their smartphones.
David Gerhard
Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Regina – Regina, SK
Since joining the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina in 2003, Dr. Gerhard has spearheaded many initiatives in the Saskatchewan tech community including the newly formed Regina Hackerspace, CrashBang Labs. He has created courses at the University of Regina in response to changes in technology, including CS 280 (Risk and Reward in the Information Society) and CS 207 (Building Interactive Gadgets). He has given seminars to many local businesses, as well as giving the inaugural Science Pub lecture at Bushwakker Brewpub in 2011. He is co-founder of Shiverware, a small business that makes iOS apps. He is regularly interviewed by local radio and television stations on issues of technology, and he is a freelance columnist for CBC radio both locally and nationally.

cindy king

Director, IT Portfolio Practice, City of Edmonton – Edmonton, AB
T7 (Tues, Apr 24, 3:30 PM)
Presentation: Implementing Emerging Technologies
As the Director of the City of Edmonton’s Information Technology Portfolio Practice, Cindy is finding effective and sustainable ways to apply technology to government. Her work is currently focused on integrated cloud computing into existing IT systems. Cindy has a degree in Management Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University, and extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining the City of Edmonton, Cindy was a Director in the Office of the Corporate CIO at the Government of Alberta and has previously worked for the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, KPMG Consulting and General Electric Areospace.

bashir fancy

IT Architect, PCI – Toronto, ON
T8 (Weds, Apr 25, 10:05 AM)
Presentation:  Achieving Effective Security and In Turn Becoming PCI Compliant
Bashir Fancy is Managing Director, Corporate Solutions & Services Inc. and has also been Senior Executive Advisor – Business Risk at Grant Thornton LLP. He was a Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touche until May 2009. In both these roles, he has assisted their clients globally in understanding and applying a risk-based approach to achieving sustainable compliance, governance, security and fraud prevention as it related to the Payments Cards Industry and broader business, creating a “return on investment”. Previous to his current position, Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at Visa International. Mr. Fancy was also the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa International. He was part of the original team at Visa that developed the “Account Information Security” – Data Security Standards (which has now come to be known as PCI- DSS), impacting any Organization that stores, and processes or transmits credit card information. Bashir Fancy, in his role as the Head of Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada, developed & implemented a strategy of Fraud Prevention that led to 50% reduction in fraud losses, after a growth of 40% per year for 5 previous years. This strategy was adopted globally. Mr. Fancy has been assisting Organizations and Governments globally with his extensive and broad background.

david g. brown

T9 (Weds, Apr 25, 10:55 AM)
Presentation: Achieving Situational Awareness with Open Data and Collaboration
With over 35 years as an IT professional with 20 years of service with EDS/Hewlett Packard, David is currently a Senior Consultant at the City of Anaheim. David is instrumental in the ongoing management and evolution of the City’s Enterprise Virtual Operation Center (EVOC).

donna Lindskog

Regina, SK
T10 (Weds, Apr 25, 11:30 AM)
Presentation: The Ethics of Privacy and Censorship 
Donna Lindskog is an Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) and has her Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Regina. She has worked in the IT industry since 1978. Most of those years were at SaskTel where she progressed from programmer, to Business Analyst, to Manager. At one point she had over 48 IT positions reporting to her and she has experience outside of IT managing Engineers. Donna was awarded the Regina YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in Technology in 2003 and the CIPS national Marilyn Harris Award for IT Professionalism in 2004. In the last six years Donna has worked as a Relationship Manager between IT and Marketing upper management and then as a Resource Manager in the Project Management Office. Donna has had extensive involvement with CIPS including executive work as Director of Professionalism and chair of the Saskatchewan IT Sector Partnership. In 2004 Donna worked on the committee that developed an updated version of the national CIPS Code of Ethics and Standard of Conduct. Donna retired from SaskTel in November of 2011 and has since been taking a class about Ethics in IT.