Bringing Saskatchewan’s future into focus

Sask 3.0 Summit a huge success

The first Sask 3.0 Summit was held April 24 and 25, 2012 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Over 350 of the province’s best and brightest attended the event and contributed their ideas to help envision Saskatchewan’s digital future

Thanks to all our dynamic speakers, our generous sponsors, and the amazing group of attendees who together made this landmark event possible. We were inspired by the attendees desire to learn from top world experts and the energy they had for positive change. We just may have started something…at least we’re hoping so.

We will soon announce the next steps and provide some details on how we hope to maintain the momentum.

If you would like to be involved, we encourage you to help keep the discussion going on the Sask 3.0 Summit LinkedIn group or on our Facebook page.


Grant Bastedo

What’s the Summit About?

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Saskatchewan’s economy is booming and growing like never before, but is it sustainable?   The Saskatchewan 3.0 Summit was conceived to help our province maintain its current momentum by enhancing the understanding and  accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge digital and social technologies.

Top international experts will introduce you to the extraordinary progress  being made in other worldwide jurisdictions.  They will provide insights on how we can build on our recent success and ensure a bright future for our province’s next generations.

It’s not only for “technical people”

You do not need to be a technical expert to attend.  The Summit will feature a diverse audience of both end users and technical professionals; each will share their perspectives on the long-term provincial digital strategy.

The Summit will feature two streams, a management stream and a technical stream, to ensure information is tailored appropriately to your level of technical expertise.

Summit Benefits

The Summit will generate ideas and explore practical applications and implementation strategies for new digital and social technologies.  Accelerating the adoption of digital and social technologies in Saskatchewan will:

  • help Saskatchewan businesses compete globally
  • improve citizen services and invite active citizen participation
  • attract top talent to the province
  • build a sustainable information communication technology (ICT) ecosystem
  • lead to more open and transparent municipal and provincial government

It’s much more than a conference

The Summit is about assembling the best and brightest leaders from Saskatchewan’s public, private and education sectors and combining your expertise and experience to generate ideas to build our province’s digital future.

Throughout the event, advanced mobile polling technology will be used to gather your input. In addition, you will have regular opportunities to engage in discussions with other attendees and generate ideas that will be captured and used to develop recommendations for Saskatchewan’s digital strategy.

Sask 3.0 Summit Topics

Accelerating the adoption of digital technology in Saskatchewan

  • Improving the efficiency of service delivery
  • Citizen/customer participation and collaboration
  • Opening up access to global markets
  • Nurturing an IT ecosystem
  • Attracting knowledge and talent to Saskatchewan
  • Building an “Intelligent Community”

Mobile Technology

  • How your organization can take advantage of current trends in mobile technology
  • Understanding mobile applications and how your organization can employ them

Social Networks

  • Understanding social networks and their impact on your organization
  • How to develop your organization’s social media policy to ensure appropriate use
  • Monitoring social networks.  Learn what people saying about your organization right now?

Open Government

  • Democratizing data – the economic and social benefits of open data
  • The move towards  participatory democracy
  • Making the case for transparency and openness
  • Developing citizen-centric services

Privacy and Online Security

  • Privacy implications of cloud computing
  • Balancing openness and transparency with privacy
  • Effective social media policies and guidelines for organizations

Collaboration and Efficiency

  • Ways to align public, private sector and education sector to a common vision and goals for technology acceleration
  • Breaking down silos within government to improve citizen and business services

Online Citizen/Customer Engagement

  • Online conversations; changing the ways we communicate
  • How to monitor what’s being said about your organization and respond appropriately

Important Dates

  • Early Registration ends on March 15, 2012
  • Standard Registration ends on April 2, 2012

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